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Low voltage switching operations

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list.

This four day course provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to plan, prepare and safely perform switching operations to Western Power’s rules. For participants to be able to demonstrate that they are competent in performing these tasks in the field, they will be given an on-the-job learning workbook to complete over a nine month period.

Who should attend

People identified as requiring switching authority to meet Western Power business needs. This course is only available to Western Power’s total network workforce.


The prerequisites for attendance at this training course are:

  • PTS 795 – Introduction to Western Power Switching Operations
  • Level 0 Western Power Switching Authority
  • Network Authority Card (NAC)

Note: All prerequisites need to be current.

Learning outcomes

As a result of attending this course participants should be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the electrical circuitry and component capabilities of the Western Power low voltage distribution network
  • describe the function and operational limitations of HV/LV power transformers in the Western Power distribution networks
  • identify and describe the components of LV distribution networks’ earthing and protection schemes
  • demonstrate the use of Western Power policy and procedural tools and documentation for switching operations Levels 1 and 4
  • plan and prepare switching operations tasks which include HV DOFs protecting HV/LV transformers and any configuration of LV distribution networks
  • demonstrate written and practical skills required to perform HV and LV switching operations as per Western Power’s switching operator authority Levels 1 and 4

PPC/PPE and equipment requirements

Some of the practical training for this course will take place in an operational area. You are required to have/provide Western Power approved PPC and PPE requirements for the practical work. Refer to the Western Power Work Practice Manual Sections 3.1-3.4, for these requirements.

  • PPE for levels 1 and 4 switching operations as per Table 1 in the Western Power Work Practice Manual Section 3.1

Note: Power Training Services does not provide PPE, PPC and tools for training courses.


Assessments are included in this course. Participants will not be considered to have completed this course until all assessments have been completed to a satisfactory level. Participants will be required to complete an on-the-job learning workbook. The assignments must be completed and submitted to Power Training Services WA within nine months after completion of the course. Participants will not be considered to have completed the course until all on-the-job assignments have been successfully completed.