Enrolment by Application STEPS

Enrolment by Application – PROCESS STEPS

STEP ONE – Check the PTS website to see if classes are available

  • Available classes can be found on the PTS website. They will display an Apply Now button instead of the option to Enrol Now.
  • The number of spaces available in the class will be shown below the Apply Now button.

STEP TWO – Check the prerequisite requirements and prepare your evidence

  • Before making an application to enrol, be sure that you can meet and evidence all the prerequisite requirements. You will find these listed in the course descriptor on the website.
  • At the bottom of the course descriptor, you will find an enrolment form that you will need to download and submit back to PTS with your evidence.

STEP THREE – Apply for a position in the class you have selected.

  • Complete the application process via the website. You will be required to enter your information as you would for any other PTS enrolment.
  • Once you have completed the online application process you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.

STEP FOUR- Submit your application form and supporting evidence

  • Follow the instruction on the enrolment form and submit this and your evidence to PTS.
  • Once your enrolment form and evidence are received it will be reviewed to ensure it meets the course requirements.
  • If approved you will receive an email advising you that your application has been accepted and that your enrolment will be processed; an enrolment confirmation email will be received soon after.
  • If your evidence does not meet the course requirement you will receive an email advising of this decision and why it has been declined.