Online Assessments for Authorisation Holders

Online assessments for authorisation holders

The following online assessments must be completed before the expiry date of the respective authorisation.

  • Recipient In Charge VA – Authorisation code - LNA3V
  • Recipient In Charge EA – Authorisation code – LNA3D & LNA3T
  • Tester In Charge – Authorisation code – LNA4D & LNA4T
  • Substation Entry Level 1 – Authorisation code – XSUB1
  • Substation Entry Level 2 – Authorisation code – XSUB2
  • Issuing Officer Authority Renewal – Authorisation code – LNA5T, LNA5D

The maximum time allowed to complete an assessment is 90 minutes. You can take the assessment at anytime convenient to you, however it is recommended that an uninterrupted block of time is set aside. Once started, the assessment can be paused/closed and resumed at a later time.

IMPORTANT – the assessment must be completed before the expiry date of the authorisation as stated in the Network Compliance Tool (NCT).

If you do not pass the assessment, you will be notified onscreen immediately and your authority will be made inactive.

Assessment resources

Online assessments are open book, so make sure that you have all relevant resources with you when completing the assessment, such as:
• SOP145
• Golden Safety Rules
• Relevant procedures and work instructions

Resources are available from the Depot Pack, PTS webiste or The Grid (for Western Power staff):

If you cannot locate any of these documents do not attempt the assessment and contact your formal leader or Western Power representative for assistance.

Notifications of authorisation expiry

Authorisation holders and their formal leaders are notified prior to an authorisation expiring.

Notifications are sent at 90, 60 and 30 days prior to the authorisation expiry date. A separate email is sent at the same time as the 90 day reminder notification which provides a link to the relevant online assessment that needs to be completed.

For Western Power Employees - Notifications are sent via email to your Western Power email address and your formal leader will receive Ellipse notifications.

For Contractors - a weekly report of expiring authorisations is provided.
This is sent to the company representative who is nominated in the NCT under "EMPLOYER NAME"
If a principle contractor sponsors a subcontractor in the principle contractor’s name, notifications are sent to the principle contractor. It is the principle contractor’s responsibility as the authorisation sponsor to inform the sub-contractor of their expiry.

Authorisation extensions

To request for an authorisation extension to be considered, an application must be made in writing by the formal leader and emailed to Authorisations

The primary responsibility for the management and maintenance of authorisations belongs to the individual and their formal leader. An extension will only be considered in extenuating circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

By when do I have to complete the online assessment?
You can complete the assessment at any point from the 90 day notification but it must be completed before the expiry date as listed in the NCT.

What happens if I close the assessment before finishing?
If you close your browser mid assessment the system will save your work and allow you to continue from that point when you log back in.
Once the assessment expiry date has been exceeded, the system will not allow you to log in to the assessment.

How will I be notified of my outcome?
Once you complete the assessment, you are notified immediately onscreen whether you pass or fail the assessment.
If you have passed you will be able to access your certificate for this assessment using the following steps:

  1. Login into your Itra account
  2. Then click the certificate link located next to the name of your completed course.

Click here for more detailed instructions.

What is the assessment pass mark?
All questions must be answered correctly to pass the assessment – it is a 100% pass mark. Although this pass mark may seem high, it should be remembered that you can have multiple attempts at answering a question and it is an open book assessment. We recommend that you have all relevant material with you when attempting the assessment.

What happens if I do not finish the assessment in time or if I fail?
If you fail you will be advised immediately on screen at the end of the assessment and your authorisation will be suspended. You will be required to complete re-training to reactivate your authorisation.

What re-training would I have to complete?
Dependent upon your individual circumstances, you may not be required to redo any practical evidence gathering or assessment activities. For example:

  • failing an on-line assessment and/or attending re-training less than one month after expiry of an authorisation will not require you to complete associated practical activities.
  • where the re-training has been completed no more than six months after the expiry date or failed assessment date, an on-the-job workbook will not be required.

How many attempts do I get to re-do the assessment?
You will have two attempts at each question of the assessment, however you cannot re-sit an online assessment if you have failed it. A failed assessment will require re-training at PTS.

How and when will my authorisations be updated?
Assessment results are checked daily and authorisations are updated within 24 hours. If this does not reflect in the NCT within 24hrs, please contact Authorisations via email

Who do I contact if I have a problem with logging in to the assessment?
Please talk to your IT department for technical issues.
If you are having trouble logging in please contact PTS on 9411 7888 or via the Submit a Query form.

How do Western Power know that my authority is going to expire?
Western Power maintains a database containing individuals authorisations and expiry dates – this is called the Network Compliance Tool (NCT).
Individuals with Western Power IT access can access the database through the NCT.
For external authority holders, in addition to the weekly reports provided more information can be requested by contacting Authorisations on 9411 7868 or via email

What should I do if I don’t receive the log in email, but I know my authorisation is about to expire?
If you have not received assessment email when you received the 90 day reminder, please check your spam/junk folder in case it has been automatically quarantined.
If there is no trace of the assessment email contact PTS on 9411 7888 or via the Submit a Query form.
If you have not received any reminder notification emails, please email Authorisations

Can I get an extension for my authorisation expiry date?
Any extension to an authorisation exposes Western Power to additional risk. All applications for extensions must be accompanied by a risk assessment, management plan and booking confirmation of re-training or re-assessment.
Extensions will not be considered or granted:

  • For expired authorisations
  • When an assessment has been failed or not taken in time
  • The authorisation holder is absent from work due to long term illness or extended leave

What if I no longer require my authority?
If an authorisation category is no longer required, your formal leader is to email Authorisations advising of the category and the reason it is no longer required. The Authorisations team will remove the authorisation from the NCT and make necessary arrangements to stop notifications and refresher requirements.

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