COVID_ Authorisations

Authorisation extensions for mandatory refresher training

To ensure Western Power manage the ongoing safety and wellbeing of its people during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the following Authorisation extensions have been put in place.

These extensions will only be applied to authorisations that have, or will, expire on or before 31/07/2020 due to training delivery changes related to COVID-19.

The specific authorisations being extended are:
  1. Pole Top Rescue (PTR) – Authorisation code XPTR
  2. Emergency Descent Device (EDD) – Authorisation code XEDD
  3. LV Panel Rescue (PR) – Authorisation code XLVPR
  4. Advanced Driving Heavy Vehicle (HR) – Authorisation code O0498

The authorisations listed above will automatically be extended for 6 months from the original date of expiry.

  • Authorisations already expired that are NOT directly linked to COVID-19 training delivery changes will not be extended.
  • Authorisations listed above that expire after 31/07/2020 will remain unchanged.
  • These authorisation extensions are in addition to First Aid and CPR, which has already been extended for 6 months, and are not subject to the 31/07/2020 date.

For more detailed information regarding Authorisations, please refer to the latest information BULLETIN.

If you have any queries, contact your Formal Leader or Contract Manager.