(HR) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ½ Day Lecture

In the delivery of Kambarang’s training the team will take you on a journey of precolonial ways of living, dispossession, where things are today, and what does it take recover. The training commences with setting the scene then briefly describes traditional ways of life. The final segment then explores what potential solutions may look like and how do we all have a role to play organisationally and individually.
The important message is that Aboriginal societies were highly structured. This is followed by the process of colonisation and the impact of dispossession with the key point being that societies without structure are in a sense in chaos.
You will understand that today there are many Aboriginal people still predominantly influenced by traditional lifestyles even though most Aboriginal people live in towns and cities. Some Aboriginal people are doing well, and some are still struggling. With exploring solutions, we point out that there can never be a one size fits all approach due to the diversity that exists in the Aboriginal world and the varying levels of impact.

Course Duration

4 hours

Who Should Attend

All Western Power employees

Note - as this workshop can be conducted off site and there may be some travel involved, please be aware that Western Power’s preferred method of transport is that you travel in a Western Power vehicle (car pool if necessary) or use public transport. However should you need to use your own vehicle you will need to complete a Private Vehicle (grey fleet) Usage Approval form

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this course participants should be able to:

  • Clear definition of the Aboriginal Noongar Culture including cultural nuances;
  • Explanation of Aboriginal Countries, Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement to Country;
  • Positioning of historical facts prior to and after Colonisation – specifically designed for multi-national audiences;
  • Communication styles – eye contact, hierarchical influences, body language;
  • Cultural Obligations (within the confines of Men’s and Women’s Business Confidentiality Protocols) including an overview of Family and Mob structure, Lore Time, Sorry Time, Aunty and Uncle reference;
  • Understand the link between diversity, productivity and business benefits;
  • Develop an enhanced appreciation of the nature and prevalence of bias; and
  • Become familiar with frameworks for identifying, addressing and reducing bias.
  • Relate individual actions to treat people fairly and with respect.
  • Actively participated in group discussions and reflect on the learning and ask questions.
  • Overview of the Western Power RAP and outcomes for the business;


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Cancellation Policy

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