(HR) Western Power Formal Leader Induction (New starter General Induction - Day 2)

The Western Power Formal Leader Induction is held on the 3rd week of every month of the year. The Formal Leader Induction is an extension of the Western Power 1 Day General Induction and is conducted on the day following the General Induction.
Formal Leaders are requested to book for both Day 1 and Day 2.

The Formal Leader Induction Day will provide leaders with a comprehensive overview of;

  • Organisational Hierarchy & Leadership Schedules
  • Introduction to working in a GTE.
  • Overview of WP history, present, future including Strategic Planning
  • People Management Processes and Policies
  • Systems Management
  • Governance & Compliance

Course Duration

7.5 hours

Who Should Attend

All New Starter Formal Leaders as assigned by the HR Recruitment Team including;

  • New Formal Leaders
  • Recently promoted internal personnel
  • Internal personnel undertaking Higher Duties


  • Those formal leaders returning to the business after an extended absence – Parental Leave, Sick Leave, Long-Service Leave, returning New Hires



Learning Outcomes

Knowledge gained during this workshop is designed to enable new personnel to further assimilate and adjust to their new workplace environment by;

  • Providing an improved experience for new Formal Leaders and their teams
  • Assist internal promotions/Higher duties to understand systems and reporting processes
  • Reduce lead time for new Formal Leaders to be engaged and fully productive in their new roles
  • Encourage active participated in group discussions and reflect on the learning and ask questions
  • Provide an opportunity to encourage Networking with other new Formal Leaders.
  • Enhance the employer Brand

The induction training is conducted in conjunction with the Western Power online eLearning training.

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