(HR) Fire safety for fire wardens

This 3.5 hour course aims to provide training for volunteer members of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) as per the standard AS: 3745. The training encompasses first attack fire-fighting and emergency response training.

Course Duration

3 & 1/2 hours

Who Should Attend

This training is available to all nominated Western Power Fire Wardens.

For further information regarding this course, please email the Process & Systems Training team.


  • be a nominated Fire Warden as part of the Emergency Control Organisation

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this course, participants will be competent in the following areas:

  • Investigating the fire / alarm / incident
  • Raising the alarm for emergencies that may require evacuation
  • Firefighting safety procedures
  • Bomb threat procedures
  • Building fire safety
  • Fire warden identification
  • Fire warden procedures & responsibilities
  • Building fire alarms & communication systems
  • Developing evacuation plans & procedures
  • Emergency coordination
  • Human behaviour in emergencies
  • Post-evacuation activities


There are no assessments for this course.

Additional course information

This course requires participants to supply their Unique Student Identifier (USI) to the external training provider, in order to receive a Statement of Attainment at the completion of this course. For more information and to apply for a USI, please visit usi.gov.au