(HR) Living the Values: What teamwork means

This one hour workshop for Western Power employees is designed to support you in working effectively in line with the Western Power value of “team work”. It is intended to prompt thinking by frontline staff as to what constitutes respectful and inclusive behaviour in the workplace, understand why this can be a challenge at times and provide you with simple tools to be able to “step up” and call out behaviour that is detrimental to the team.


There are no prerequisites for this course

Learning outcomes

As a result of attending this course participants should be able to:
*Understand the expectation of Western Power in relation to the responsiblities of all employees to create an effective team environment, supported by respectful appropriate behaviours
*Understand the factors that may contribute to unhelpful or inappropriate workplave behaviour (such as stereotyping or judgement) in order to normalise these factors
*Be willing to “call out” unhelpful behaviour and understand process to escalate this is required

PPC and PPE requirements

No personal protective equipment or clothing is required for this course. Depot PPE or clothing standards apply.


There are no assessments for this course.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.