(HR) Much Ado About Hector

The play is a unique, fun, interactive approach that has even the toughest audience engaged while learning about the complexities of workplace bullying. The result is that they leave better informed of what bullying is and is not, what to do about it and what the consequences are if a person crosses the line.
This course provides employees with an easy to understand, common sense approach to assessing their own behaviours and those of their colleagues.

Much Ado About Hector is a play that comprises multiple acts, each designed to highlight a different aspect of a bullying situation. Organisations choose which acts they want performed live, to suit the needs of their workplace and the messages they want to convey to their staff.

The play was created to provide a safe and powerful environment where participants choose to engage in the content by talking with each other, debate the behaviours observed and understand when they cross the line, talk with the characters as a way of creating greater understanding and shape the content live as they help the characters become a better version of themselves. One of the best things about it is that no participant has to get on stage and act – they stay in the safety of their seat but still get emotionally drawn into the story.
It has been particularly successful for those groups of people who do not want to attend ‘mandatory’ training and do not normally engage with the content.

Course Duration

3.5 hours

Who Should Attend

All Western Power employees


No bookings will be confirmed until you forward your Approval To Attend Training email from your Formal Leader to Approval Evidence

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this course participants should be able to:
• Not just the legal definition of bullying but the complexities of why it exists and what can be done about it.
• The distinction between bullying and reasonable performance management
• When a ‘personality clash’ crosses the line and becomes bullying
• What gossip is: how to detect it and politely not engage in it
• Everyone’s responsibilities in relation to workplace behaviours and what a ‘good bystander’ looks like
• What to do if someone is experiencing inappropriate behaviours
• What support services are in place in managing a workplace issue


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Cancellation Policy

The cost of this course is met through your Function’s D+I training budget.
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