(HR) XY+XX=DD – Genes in the workplace

This workshop uses the rise of the famous Levi Straus Blue Jean, model XX, to unpack the complexities of the Diversity Dividend in the Workplace.

Participants are encouraged to explore the evolution of gender equality within society and in their own workplace experiences, and to interact with others in the course to understand the benefits of the Diversity Dividend in increasing efficiencies and improving the Employee Experience.

Course Duration

4 hours

Who Should Attend

All Western Power employees


No bookings will be confirmed until you forward your Approval To Attend Training email from your Formal Leader to Approval Evidence

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this course participants should be able to:

  • A clear distinction between Equity and Equality
  • To be able to identify gender and the many ways gender equality manifests itself in our lives
  • A broader understanding of the Diversity Dividend across social and economic spheres
  • A better context of what Political Correctness really means to quotas and "box-ticking"
  • Ways to better assimilate gender diversity into teams and projects
  • The outcomes of the Diversity Dividend for our customers and our fellow employees
  • An overview of the WA EEO 1984 Act
  • A history of Western Power’s involvement in EEO and gender-diverse employment.


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Cancellation Policy

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