Crane operator supplementary - assessment

This assessment is required to be completed once the Crane Supplementary Workbook has been completed and successfully signed off.
You will not be considered to have completed the Crane Operator Supplementary course until all practical assessments have been successfully completed.

Course Duration

Approx 3.5 hours

Who Should Attend

This assessment is for people who have successfully completed the Crane Operator Supplementary training course and on-the-job workbook.


The prerequisites for attendance at this course are:
Successful completion of Crane Operator Supplementary Course and Crane Operator Supplementary Workbook

PPE/PPC & Equipment Requirements

PPE Level 1

For the Assessment you will need to provide:

  1. a suitable combination crane borer or vehicle loading crane
  2. a hydraulic pole jack assembly
  3. sufficient rated insulation to ensure safe operation of plant
  4. non-conducting ropes to stabilise conductors
  5. enough crew members to conduct a pole changeover
  6. an insulated EWP plus lineperson.

See the Western Power PPE Procedure for more information about the requirements.

Assessment Details & Booking Options

This is a practical assessment that can be conducted at either your work place or at PTS.
1. At your workplace - If you have a scheduled job, this can be used as your assessment. A PTS trainer can attend your worksite to carry out the competency assessment.
To book this, please contact PTS with the details of the job, including the date, location and time.

2. At PTS - if you are unable to organise a job at your workplace, we can arrange you to be assessed in the PTS yard.
Please contact PTS to arrange your booking.


Certificate of Completion

Associated Authorisations

On successful completion of the course
XCSUP Crane Supplementary

For information on how to apply for an Authorisation, contact the Authorisations Team

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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