Maintain energised HV distribution overhead electrical apparatus (stick) - refresher

A refresher course to provide eligible HV live workers with knowledge of the Western Power High Voltage Live Work Manual and procedures.

Course duration

3 days

Who should attend

Western Power employees or contractors who are qualified in high voltage work (stick) and required to perform this work on the Western Power network, but who have failed to renew their HV live (stick) authorisation through the verification of competency assessment before the anniversary date.
Note: This course can only be taken for an authorisation that had lapsed not more than 24 months from the anniversary date.

Course includes

Demonstration of the currency of Western Power high voltage live line stick work requirements and procedures


  • Network Authority Card (NAC)
  • UETTDRDP13A Maintain energised HV distribution overhead electrical apparatus (stick) or equivalent unit
  • UETTDRRF08B Perform EWP controlled descent escape or equivalent unit * UETTDRRF02B Perform pole top rescue or equivalent unit
  • TLILIC2005 Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more) or equivalent unit
  • meet Western Power selection criteria as prescribed in section 3.1 of the High Voltage Live Work Manual
Note: All prerequisites must be current.

PPC and PPE requirements

  • PPE Level 1
  • combination pole/EWP harness
  • general work gloves
  • safety glasses (minimum medium impact)
  • safety helmet
  • hand tools

See the Western Power PPE Procedure for more information about the requirements

Equipment requirements

Dependent on the location of the course delivery, you may be required to provide relevant equipment such as a lifting bucket and an elevated work platform.
This will be determined by PTS during the enrolment process.


Written and practical assessments are included in this course. Participants will not be considered to have completed this course until all assessments have been completed to a satisfactory level.


On successful completion of this training students will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance.

Associated Authorisations

XHDLS HV Distribution Live Line Stick
For information on how to apply for an Authorisation, contact the Authorisations Team

How to apply

Enrolment in this course is by application only.
To apply:

  1. Click APPLY NOW to begin the application process
  2. Complete the APPLICATION FORM (link below)
  3. Submit your APPLICATION including evidence of all prerequisites

Once PTS has confirmed that you meet the prerequisites, we will contact you to finalise your enrolment.

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