Protection system basics for electricians

Provision of basic knowledge of protection equipment and schemes

Course duration

1 day

Suitable for

Employees and contractors who require a basic knowledge of protection equipment and schemes used in transmission and sub-transmission environments. Recommended for HV switching operators.

Course includes

  • identifying non-differential and differential type protection schemes
  • understanding the concept of discrimination and grading
  • identifying different types of mechanical protection schemes and their application
  • a basic understanding of digital, circulating current, opposed voltage and impedance measuring protection schemes
  • identifying key components of protection schemes


  • Students would benefit from having experience as an electrician or in a technical electrical background.
  • NAC (preferred)

What to wear

PTS dress standards (long sleeve top, long pants & enclosed shoes).


Written assessment


Certificate of Attendance at the end of this course

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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