Introduction to eNARs

This course provides a detailed overview of the eNAR process

Note: This course should be taken following completion of PTS 858 – Introduction to switching operations.

Course duration

3 days

Suitable for

People who raise eNARs or need to understand the eNAR process, including:

  • Cert III distribution lineworkers
  • Cert III distribution cable jointers
  • electricians
  • transmission lineworkers
  • transmission cable jointers.

Course includes

  • compliance with regulatory requirements for customer notifications (LSE)
  • completion of an eNAR to the satisfaction of system management requirements
  • base knowledge of Western Power’s switching computer applications.


  • completion of Western Power’s online SPIDAweb training
  • Western Power login with access to The Grid
  • access to PowerOn Fusion H/V webview
  • access to Geoview with access to LSE customers
  • completion of either:
    • PTS 858 – Introduction to switching operations
    • PTS795 – Introduction to switching procedure

All of these prerequisites are mandatory. If you do not have access to the applications listed above, you cannot continue with the training.

Note: If you want to proceed with the other switching courses, you will need one of the following prerequisites:

  • Cert III ESI qualification
  • electrical technician/engineering qualification
  • be an apprentice in the electricity supply industry.

What to wear

  • PPE Level 1
  • Hard Hat

For more information about Western Power PPE requirements view the Western Power PPE Procedure


Written and Practical assessment


Certificate of Completion

Associated Authorisations

LENAR eNAR Authorisation

To be awarded this authorisation, you must have either:

  • completed both this course PTS 859 (Introduction to eNARs) & PTS 795 (Introduction to Western Power switching procedures) or
  • concurrently completed this course and PTS 858 (Introduction to switching operations)

For information on how to apply for an Authorisation, contact the Authorisations Team

Additional Information

  • Completion of this course PTS859 (Introduction to eNAR) and PTS 858 (Introduction to switching operations) are a prerequisite for all other switching levels UNLESS you have completed PTS 795 (Introduction to Western Power switching procedures).
  • If you have completed PTS 795 (Introduction to Western Power switching procedures), you are not required to complete PTS 858 but must complete this course PTS 859.

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