FAQ How to Enrol

FAQ’s – How to enrol

What information do I need before I can enrol in a course?
To enrol in a course two things are required:

  1. You will need to have a current PTS Student Profile
  2. You will need to know your Corporate Pass number (this is required for billing purposes)

There are no classes scheduled for the course I want. Is there a waitlist?
If there are no classes available or no dates that meet your requirements you can join the Waitlist for the course.
If the course has a Waitlist option, this will be visible under the course information.
Press the JOIN icon and complete the online form.
You will be contacted by PTS when a course becomes available.

What if there is no Waitlist option for the course I want?
If the course does not display the Waitlist option, contact PTS to enquire if and when the course will next be available.

How do I remove a course from my shopping cart?
The total number of items in your shopping cart will be displayed at the top right hand side of your screen.

  • To view a list of items in your shopping cart, click on Show Shortlist.
  • To remove an item, click on the x located next to the course you want to remove.
  • The total number of items in your shopping cart will decrease to reflect the change.
  • You can then continue to book another course.

I have a training need but I don’t think that PTS provide this course?
If you cannot locate the course that you are after, contact PTS describing the type of training you require. One of our friendly staff will get back to you to advise if PTS can assist.

Enrolment confirmation

How will I know that my enrolment request has gone through?
Once you complete your enrolment, a message will be displayed onscreen confirming that your enrolment was successful.
A confirmation email will be sent to the students email address within 5 minutes of the enrolment being completed. This will provide all enrolment details (course name, date and location).
A payment advice (not an invoice) is also sent to the email address that is linked to the Corporate Pass you have used.

I have not received an email confirmation for the course I enrolled in.
Once you enrol and email confirmation will be sent to the students email address within 5 minutes.
If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact PTS

I’m having trouble enrolling

I am trying to enrol, but the system won’t accept my student details
If you are trying to enter details to the Add Student Details screen and are getting an error message, check the following:

  1. The student name you enter must be the full legal name of the individual, as per the details provided when their Student Profile was created. This must not an abbreviated format or a preferred name used on a day to day basis. Try to enter the details again, using the students full legal name.
  2. If the system still does not accept the student details, this may mean that the individual does not have a PTS Student Profile. Therefore you will need to complete a New Student Profile request.

Student Profile & Corporate Pass

How do I get a Student Profile for PTS?
You will need to have a Student Profile before you can enrol into a PTS course.

  • If you do not have a PTS Student Profile, then you will need to request one before you can enrol (you will only have to do this once). To request this, complete the Create Student Profile form.
  • Requests will be processed daily (Monday to Friday, 7am – 3pm). Once your profile has been setup, PTS will send you an email to confirm that you will now be able to enrol.
  • Once you have PTS Student Profile, then you simply need to select the course you wish to enrol in and enter your details in the in the Add Student screen.

How do I know if I have a current Student Profile with PTS?
To test to see if you have a PTS Student Profile, try enrolling in a course and entering your details in the Add Student Details screen – making sure that you use your full legal name.

If you have a current PTS Student Profile, then you will be able to progress with the enrolment.

What is a Corporate Pass?
A Corporate Pass is a code which is a unique identifier used for billing purposes.
Enrolments cannot be completed without a Corporate Pass. If you are a new customer to PTS, you may need to have one issued.

All Corporate Passes are issued to the Financially Responsible Person of your company or Western Power Business Function. Please check with them before requesting a new Corporate Pass, as you may already have one.

Why do I need a Corporate Pass to enrol?
A Corporate Pass is the method of payment for a PTS course. By entering a valid Corporate Pass, this ensures that the invoice for the course you are enrolling in will be sent to the appropriate person.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

What is a USI?
A USI is a Unique Student Identifier – this is a reference number made up of numbers and letters (a bit like your tax file number).

  • All students undertaking Nationally Recognised training in Australia will need to have a USI. PTS will request your USI as part of the enrolment process.
  • Once you have your USI, you can use it throughout your life. Your USI will be recorded against the details of any nationally recognised training you undertake – via a centralised online record.
  • So whether you’re studying at PTS, TAFE, a private training organisation, completing a certificate or diploma course, apprenticeship or skill set – you’ll need a USI.
  • If you do not have a visit the USI website to apply or to find out more information

How do I get a USI?

  1. Go to the USI website ,click the Create My USI button and get started!
  2. View the short animated video to learn what the USI is and the steps you will need to take to obtain yours.

I now have my USI, what next?
If you have been asked to quote your USI as part of your enrolment into a PTS course, contact PTS to provide your USI number.
Otherwise, just keep a record of your USI number so you can use it next time you enrol into a nationally accredited training course.

Enrol Now vs Apply Now?

I am trying to enrol in a class and the course I want asks me to APPLY NOW?
Courses that have the APPLY NOW button instead of the ENROL NOW option require you to complete an application form and confirm the prerequisites before you can enrol into the course.

Why do some courses require you to APPLY NOW.
Many of the courses offered by PTS have prerequisite requirements that must be met and evidenced before you can attend the training.
Prerequisites confirm prior skills and knowledge and may be required due to legislative, training package or Western Power requirements.
Where a course has prerequisite requirements that must be evidenced, the "Apply Now" button will be displayed.

Click here for information on the steps required to Enrol by Application.

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