Workbook Extension Request

Workbook extensions


Extensions will only be granted for extenuating circumstances such as illness, secondment to another role etc.

Time allowed

If an application is accepted, the maximum extension time that will be granted is 1 month.

Making an application

An application for an extension can only be made by your Formal Leader completing the Request a Workbook Extension form.
The application must be submitted prior to the due date of the workbook.

Assessing your application

An application for an extension will be assessed by PTS.

  • If approved – an email will be sent to your Formal Leader advising of the new due date.
  • If declined – an email will sent to your Formal Leader outlining the reasons for refusal.

A record of the application and its outcome will be held on the student record. If approval is granted, the due date will be updated in the PTS Training Records.

Submitting your workbook once an extension is granted

When submitting the workbook assessment on the new due date:

  • include a copy of the approval email received advising that the extension was granted
  • workbook evidence you provide must be no more than six months old.

Please Note: No further extensions will be granted. If a workbook is deemed to be Not Yet Satisfactory after an extension has been granted, this will be the final course result recorded. There will be no further opportunity to correct non-compliances or submit additional evidence.